DTU provide several courses within solar energy.

DTU Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering offers education in the solar heating field for university students, foreign students and Ph.D. students:
  • 11108 Building Integrated Photovoltaics (5 ECTS, MSc level). The course is taught 50/50% by DTU Civil Engineering and DTU Fotonik. 
  • 11117 Solar Heating Systems (10 ECTS, MSc level) treats the basic principles of solar heating systems for domestic hot water systems, solar combi systems and solar heating plants.
  • 11128 Development of solar energy systems (5 ECTS, MSc level). Course participants work on development of solar energy systems or components for solar energy systems.
Further, theoretical investigations of solar heating systems or of components for solar heating systems based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations can be carried out in the course 11124 Computational Fluid Dynamics on Buildings (5 ECTS, MSc level). Furthermore, special courses, diploma projects, bachelor projects and master thesis projects in the field can be carried out, for example in connection with the Institute’s research and development projects. The student assignments can be carried out in collaboration with manufacturers of components or whole solar heating systems.

DTU Compute
No particular solar courses, but lots of useful courses for modelling and optimization of solar and their integration in the global energy system. For example: 02417 Time Series Analysis, 02427 Advanced Time Series Analysis and 02435 Decision-Making Under Uncertainty provide deep knowledge about statistical methods used for modelling, forecasting and optimization.

DTU Elektro
DTU Elektro offers the following following courses for Solar Energy integration.
  • 31380 Intelligent systems (10 ECTS, MSc level)
  • 31742 Power system operation (5 ECTS, MSc level)
  • 31761 Renewables in electricity markets (5 ECTS, MSc level)
  • 31778 Distributed energy technologies (5 ECTS, MSc level)
DTU Energy
At DTU Energy we have had a long involvement in online education. We currently have two popular courses at Coursera (the world’s largest MOOC provider) called Organic Solar Cells – Theory and Practice and Introduction to Solar Cells. The courses have attracted more than 100,000 students. The institute furthermore provides the following course in Organic Solar Cells:
  • 47320 Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice (2.5 ECTS, MSc level)
DTU Fotonik
At DTU Fotonik we provide the following courses within Solar Energy
  • 34193 Advanced Concepts in Photovoltaics (5 ECTS, PhD level, only in uneven years)
  • 34540 Light emitting diodes and photovoltaics for energy applications (5 ECTS, MSc level)
  • 34551 This Film Photovoltaics (5 ECTS, MSc level)
  • 34552 Photovoltaic Systems (5 ECTS, MSc level)
  • 34553 Applied Photovoltaics (5 ECTS, MSc level)
DTU Nanotech
At DTU Nanotech we provide the following course portfolio in relation to Solar Energy
  • 34193 Advanced Concepts in Photovoltaics (involved)
  • 33250 Semiconductor Technology (5 ECTS, MSc level)
  • 33253 Micro-1: Solid-state electronics and microtechnology (10 ECTS, BSc level)
  • 33255 Fabrication of Micro- and Nanostructures (5 ECTS, BSc level)
A specialization in Solar Energy in the MSc degree in Sustainable Energy programme
The involved DTU institutes in Solar DTU has establishing a specialization in Solar Energy launched September 2018. More about the specialization can be found here: Study line in Solar Energy