Solar DTU will coordinate activities at DTU in the fields of research, education, innovation and research-based consultancy in close cooperation with the Danish solar energy industry.


  • To ensure relevant education for today's solar energy industry and its stakeholders.
  • To coordinate and facilitate business-oriented, multidisciplinary research that creates value for the solar energy industry in Denmark.
  • To strengthen cooperation with the industry in connection with research and education, and to act as the solar energy contact point at DTU.
  • Strengthen research collaboration with other universities, nationally and internationally
  • To ensure high quality and knowledge-based expansion of the Danish solar power

Task group

  • Simon Furbo, Associate professor, DTU Civil Engineering
  • Henrik W. Bindner, Senior Researcher, DTU DTU Electrical Engineering
  • Peter Behrensdorff Poulsen, Senior Scientific Officer, DTU Fotonik
  • Sune Thorsteinsson, Project Manager, DTU Fotonik

Steering committee

  • Jacob Østergaard, Professor, DTU Electrical Engineering
  • Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen, Head of Department, DTU Fotonik
  • Toke Rammer Nielsen, Associate Professor, Head of section DTU Byg
  • Rasmus Schmidt Davidsen, Postdoc, DTU Nanolab
  • Peder Bacher, Associate Professor, DTU Compute
  • Michael A. E. Andersen, Professor, Deputy Head of Department, DTU Electrical Engineering
  • Anders Michael Jørgensen,DTU Nanolab
  • Peter C. Kjærgaard Vesborg, DTU Physics
  • Ole Hansen, DTU Nanolab
  • Jens Wenzel Andreasen, DTU Energy
  • Anders B. Møller, Head of Operations, Campus Service