The DTU institutes offer a broad range of services within Solar Energy and some of them are listed below:

DTU Civil Engineering
Cooperation with the solar heating industry: Cooperation with industry is often carried out as part of research projects using the test facilities of the department. More information here

DTU Compute
Cooperation with industry on modelling and optimization of solar energy systems.

DTU Energy
DTU Energy has a characterization laboratory for Organic Photovoltaics with electrical and optical characterization equipment according to ISOS standards. More information here

DTU Elektro
In the frame of PowerLabDK, DTU Elektro offers:

  • Test facilities for inverter testing that can be connected to full range dynamic amplifier and real time network simulator
  • System level integration of power and control using the SYSLAB intelligent systems facility
  • Field test facilities at Bornholm
  • DTU Fotonik
    The institute offers measurements on PV module level:

    • PV module IV measurements at STC, NOCT, NMOT and low irradiance
    • 1.4m x 2.2m test area, 1.2m x 2.0m Class A area
    • Calibration traceable to Fraunhofer ISE
    • Multi-Irradiance measurements (100 – 1100 W/m2)
    • Temperature coefficients of VOC, ISC, PMP, VMP, IMP, and Fill Factor
    • Hot spot testing (IEC 61215, ASTM E2481-12)
    • Light soaking
    • EL imaging of modules
    • Outdoor performance measurements on outdoor rack space.
    The institute furthermore measures the solar resource on the roof of building 130 at RISØ Campus where a climate station is equipped with spectral radiometers (300 – 1100nm) for measuring direct beam and diffuse spectrum and broadband radiometers for measuring direct normal, global horizontal and diffuse irradiance. A pyrgeometer is installed for down welling infrared measurement (wavelengths > 3um). The institute has a long history of corporation with industry on research project for developing solar powered stand-alone products and a living lab is established in Roskilde for precise monitoring on PV products side-by-side to the solar resource measurement station.

    DTU Nanotech The institute offers the following services within photovoltaics

    • IV-curve and efficiency measurements at 1 sun + varying incident angle
    • Quantum Efficiency (EQE, IQE, 300-1400 nm range, 5 nm resolution) measurements
    • Total reflectance measurements (300-1400 nm range, 5 nm resolution, integrating sphere)
    • Process design for Si solar cells (texturing, diffusion, AR-coating, metallization)
    • PV simulations (PC1D, PV Lighthouse) and calculations
    • Consulting on cell design, fabrication and characterization